Info on the Docklands SoundWalk Melbourne


Experience Melbourne’s Docklands in a new way this summer. Take the Docklands SoundWalk and discover the area’s fascinating past.  Armed with a ‘smartPhone’ and headphones, follow a walking route and encounter audio episodes that bring the Docklands to life. So grab your phone and get walking!

Check out the page “How Does It Work?” for instructions on how to do the soundwalk.

Behind the modern façade of the Docklands lies the intriguing story of an area that has seen many changes. Listen to the story of the original indigenous inhabitants, as well as the history of the early colonial settlers and the Docklands’ evolution as Australia’s major port. But the Docklands SoundWalk is no ordinary guided tour – it’s an immersive experience taking you into the sounds of the past.

Do the walk alone or with friends and discover a part of Melbourne you may not know about. Docklands SoundWalk will show you how much more there is, than first meets the eye. Whether you’re new to Melbourne or have lived here all your life, the Docklands SoundWalk will surprise you. It’s fun and informative, and best of all it’s free.

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